Programs to encourage self-care and improve well-being


Super Farmers is on a mission to make the world a happier place to live in. 

We started out in 2015 as an urban farming company in Singapore, teaching Singaporeans to grow their own food and helping them install edible gardens in their urban homes. It was born out of sheer necessity, please read here for our story. However, the more we worked with plants and people, the more we began to discover the true meaning of our work. We believe a re-alignment of our business direction and goals is needed to create the true impact - to help people discover themselves, and find happiness.

We aren't able to put a label on what we do, because labels are limiting.
(Hence, we are Urban Farmers, Educators, Social Workers, Responsible Entrepreneurs, and more)

In a nutshell, we are creatively-driven, to help people plant seeds of intention, find their purpose in life, and to live life with a constant harvest of joy and balance; Super Farmers of Life. 

We achieve this through programs and workshops for children, adults and the elderly to:

  • promote self-care
  • harness the amazing powers of botanical healing  
  • maintain optimal emotional and physical health

 For the well-being of your Mind, Body & Spirit