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Back-to-Basics Kids Camp (Nov/Dec 2018)



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Super Farmers' Journey

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My 2 girls attended the 2-day holiday camp and enjoyed it tremendously. The sessions were filled with laughter and much learning for the little ones. 
They certainly could not contain their excitement that they have learnt about composting, chopping vegetables for lunch and stepping into the beautiful garden to pick their herbs to make their afternoon teas.
They enjoyed the nutritious yet delicious meal that was prepared with love by Cynthea. Even the herb-filled lemonade cookies were not spared! They ate it all up!
The workshop ended with a story teaching them about being grateful and getting the children to self reflect. Despite their young ages, they realised how blessed they are and were thankful for the many blessings in their lives. 
Just after stepping out and heading home, the girls unanimously asked "Can we come back here again next week!?". 
We are certainly all looking forward to attending the next workshop!

Well done Cynthea and team!

Geraldine Chew, Parent

Thanks for giving my girl the opportunity to be exposed to green leafy vegetables. My 6yo attended a lesson on kangkong with you guys at chatsworth kindy and ever since fell in love with it. Its a big thing for us as we struggled every single day before to intro vegetables in her diet but always can you imagine our surprise when she comes on home day begging us to cook kangkong. Till today, kangkong is still her #1 fav. It has been abt 2 months since she had that lesson with you guys and she still loving kangkong. Once again, thank you for making the lesson so interesting for the kids till they are willing to open up and try out new food! Honestly, its no joke esp for a little fussy eater who doesnt eat veg at all previously to willingly eat up her greens for the first time ever! So, thank you once again for helping us believing its possible for kids to love their green even when it seems almost mission impossible for us before! 

Eliza Lim, Parent

My daughter and I really enjoyed the Super Farmers' workshop. First of all, I enjoyed Cynthea's positive energy, her philosophy on life and her passion about plants. We learnt a great deal about not just gardening and farming, but also the values that these activities brought us. If possible, I'd love to attend every single one of her workshops and learn from this supermom again. Thank you for having us Super Farmers!

Alicia Ong, Parent

We worked with Super Farmers on a unique Farm-to-Table experience featuring our 2 Eat List Star contestants, Tim Ong and Charlotte Drouas. Prior to the event, we worked closely with Super Farmers to grow the ingredients needed for our healthy recipes. On the event day, Cynthea held a fun, informative workshop to teach our participants how to grow their own greens, while Tim and Charlotte took over with the recipes after that. Cynthea is a natural (pun intended!) when it came to imparting her knowledge about plants and vegetables, her love for nature is simply infectious!

Amber Lim, Lead, Foodies MediaCorp Pte Ltd

Super Farmers was an excellent partner who delivered the Urban Farming workshop for our students professionally and with a lot of heart. Cynthea has an excellent rapport with students because of her candid demeanour and our student participants loved her! 
Cynthea has a naturally engaging persona and our participants were so inspired by her stories during the workshop that they even adapted her ideas and recipe for their trip showcase for the Food for Futures course. It was heartening to see the participants take away new skills and recipes from Superfarmers to educate their peers about urban farming and food security issues. We would definitely love to collaborate again in the future to educate youth and nurture a socially conscious generation who are mindful about what they eat and where food comes from.

Phua Huijia, Owner, SkillSeed

I worked with Cynthea to create a workshop at Green Is The New Black. Her passion and knowledge of her craft were absolutely refreshing and infectious. Definitely revved both the participants of the workshop and myself to pay more attention to the greenery surrounding us. After her workshop I had numerous participants come up to me to comment on how good Cynthea's workshop was. I definitely recommend for anyone who is interested in urban farming, or how to upcycle items into beautiful greenery to attend her workshops.

Jerald Lim, Co-founder, Green Is The New Black

Had a great workshop with Super Farmers yesterday. It totally exceeded my expectations. The instructor's passion is infectious and she was really forthcoming and helpful with information. Thank you!

Lynn Tang, Participant

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